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Creative Working

Case Study

Harmonizing Strategic Alignment 

The Challenge:

In the dynamic landscape of the creative industry, a firm renowned for its innovative approaches encountered a significant hurdle. The communication of its new strategic plan was striking a sour note, especially with its younger, vibrant workforce. This misalignment led to a decline in employee engagement and a pervasive sense of uncertainty, posing a threat to the firm's cohesive operational rhythm and overall growth trajectory.

The Solution:

Recognizing the need for an unconventional solution, the firm partnered with Sound Strategies. Our team embarked on a mission to realign the workforce with the company’s strategic vision over a meticulously planned 3-month period.


Our approach commenced with comprehensive initial assessments to understand the depth of the communication gap and the employees' perspectives. Leveraging our unique blend of music-driven strategies, we crafted a bespoke song that encapsulated the essence of the new strategic plan. This creative tool served as a mnemonic device, aiding employees in grasping and retaining the core aspects of the plan.

The journey included a series of interactive workshops designed to engage the workforce in meaningful discussions around the strategic plan. These sessions were interspersed with activities that broke conventional barriers, including a company-wide karaoke event where a team member from each department competed for a prize by performing their own rendition of the strategic plan song. This particular event not only encouraged participation but also fostered a sense of ownership and camaraderie among the employees.

At the 60-day mark, we introduced a unique element – a song remixing session. Employees were encouraged to create their own "remixes" of the strategic plan song, adding their individual flair and understanding. This exercise was pivotal in reinforcing their grasp of the strategic objectives while also enabling them to express their perspectives and concerns in a creative, non-threatening environment.

The Results:

The engagement strategy reached its crescendo with remarkable outcomes. A follow-up survey revealed a substantial leap in the understanding of the strategic plan – from less than 40% initially to an impressive 90%. Additionally, the level of concern about the company's direction saw a drastic decrease, plummeting from 60% to a mere 10%. This remarkable shift not only highlighted the effectiveness of Sound Strategies' innovative approach but also underscored the power of creative engagement in fostering organizational alignment and understanding.


The case exemplifies how bridging the gap between strategic communication and employee understanding can be achieved through innovative, music-infused methodologies. The journey from discord to melody at this firm is a testament to the transformative potential of integrating music with strategic corporate initiatives.

Let’s Work Together

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