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Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission

To democratize business education, making it accessible to people of all backgrounds through the power of music. 

Our Vision

At SoundStrategies, we envision a world where music is as essential to business education as it is to teaching children the alphabet. In this world, the power of melody and rhythm weaves itself into the fabric of business learning, creating an environment where entrepreneurs and business leaders from all backgrounds effortlessly grasp complex concepts, unleash their creative potential, thrive through continuous learning and growth.

Check out our music video "Suits and Ties", a musical introduction of who we are and what we do.  

Our Values

  • Rhythm and Reason: We actively combine the creativity and expressiveness of music with sharp analytical strategies to foster innovative and artistically-informed business programming.​

  • Play to the Audience: We proactively create impactful, memorable experiences that resonate with clients and stakeholders, much like a catchy hook in a hit song.

  • Swag Out and Turn Up: We encourage our team members to confidently showcase their diverse, backgrounds, talents and styles, celebrating individuality as a source of strength and creativity.

  • Pass the Mic: We embrace the collaborative spirit of a hip-hop cypher, highlighting our commitment to sharing ideas and insights freely, allowing each team member to contribute and build upon others' thoughts in a dynamic, synergistic environment.

  • Always Be Ready to Freestyle: We cultivate a mindset of adaptability and spontaneity, encouraging our team to be flexible, innovative, and quick-thinking in all situations, mirroring the improvisational skill of freestyle rapping.

  • Do It for the Culture: We commit to using music’s power in preserving culture and sharing knowledge to build and sustain vibrant, inclusive organizational cultures, honoring the rich heritage and communal spirit of hip-hop.

Meet The Team


Jason William Johnson, Ph.D.(c)

Founder & Chief Sound Strategist

Jason William Johnson is transforming the professional development landscape by infusing traditional business education with the energy and rhythm of hip-hop. As a sought-after speaker, rapper, and award-winning business ecosystem leader, he caters to the entrepreneurship and innovation sectors, crafting immersive experiences that resonate with forward-thinking firms. Through SoundStrategies keynote concerts, live training workshops, and business mixtapes, Jason communicates complex strategies and core values in a way that engages, inspires, and sticks. His innovative approach has proven to promote knowledge retention, enhance leadership competencies, and foster entrepreneurial thinking, all while aligning perfectly with the dynamic needs of cutting-edge businesses. With a background that marries entrepreneurship development with music production, Jason is redefining business leaders are educated, making him an essential partner for any organization aiming to lead in creativity and innovation.

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