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About Us

At Sound Strategies, we intertwine music-driven methodologies with organizational development to foster transformative workplace experiences. Our unique approach, tailored for the tech, media, and creative sectors, blends customized solutions with innovative experiential methods such as songs,  songwriting, freestyling, and live performance. These engaging activities not only enhance employee engagement and strategic alignment but also enrich learning & development processes. By turning strategic objectives into memorable journeys, we embed core values deeply within your organization, igniting creativity and fostering a culture of connectivity and innovation.

Team Meeting

Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission

At Sound Strategies, our mission is to blend the art of music with the science of organizational development, revolutionizing how companies engage, train, and evolve. 

Our Vision

Sound Strategies aspires to a future where music is an essential strategy in every business toolkit. We envision organizations leveraging musical methods not only for conveying strategies and aligning stakeholders with core values, but also for helping teams learn and retain key skills and knowledge. Through our leadership, music will reclaim its age-old role as a powerful tool for preserving culture, sharing knowledge, and fostering innovative thinking. In this future, Sound Strategies is at the vanguard of this evolution, making music an indispensable part of the modern professional landscape, reshaping the corporate world's approach to problem-solving and team building.

Our Values

  • Rhythm and Reason: We actively combine the creativity and expressiveness of music with sharp analytical strategies to foster innovative and artistically-informed business solutions.

  • Play to the Audience: We proactively create impactful, memorable experiences that resonate with clients and stakeholders, much like a catchy hook in a hit song.

  • Swag Out and Turn Up: We encourage our team members to confidently showcase their diverse, backgrounds, talents and styles, celebrating individuality as a source of strength and creativity.

  • Pass the Mic: We embrace the collaborative spirit of a hip-hop cypher, highlighting our commitment to sharing ideas and insights freely, allowing each team member to contribute and build upon others' thoughts in a dynamic, synergistic environment.

  • Always Be Ready to Freestyle: We cultivate a mindset of adaptability and spontaneity, encouraging our team to be flexible, innovative, and quick-thinking in all situations, mirroring the improvisational skill of freestyle rapping.

  • Do It for the Culture: We commit to using music’s power in preserving culture and sharing knowledge to build and sustain vibrant, inclusive organizational cultures, honoring the rich heritage and communal spirit of hip-hop.

Meet The Team


Jason William Johnson, Ph.D.(c)

Founder & Subject Matter Artist 

Subject Matter Expert, Organizational Psychology


Jordan Bobick, Ph.D.(c)

Director of Audio Engineering

Subject Matter Expert, Business Psychology


Dr. Jody Ann Johnson

Director of Operations and Client Success


Matthew Gibson 

Director of Visual Arts 

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