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A "Sound" Approach to Business Education

At SoundStrategies, we harness the power of music and AI assisted experiential learning to revolutionize business education, creating unforgettable and highly engaging learning experiences.

What We Do
Who We Are

A New Era of Business Education and Corporate Training

Traditional business education methods often fall short in capturing learners' interest and ensuring long-term retention. At SoundStrategies, our team of doctorate-level business educators, musicians, and creatives revolutionizes the learning experience by designing dynamic, immersive programs.


By blending music, expert content, and AI-powered interactive activities, we offer a unique and impactful approach that not only educates but also inspires lasting success. Our mission is to democratize business education, making complex concepts and terminology accessible and engaging for everyone, regardless of their educational background or prior business experience.

Featured Content: Check out 10 Launch Commandments: Our remix of a classic Biggie song, designed to teach entrepreneurs the basics of launching a venture

Who We Work With 

Enterepreneurship Centers & B-Schools 

We collaborate with accelerators, business schools, and entrepreneurship centers dedicated to empowering startups and business owners.

Small Business Advocates

We partner with value-driven corporations, celebrities, and philanthropies, to provide entrepreneurs innovative, culturally competent business education programs that move the needle and create lasting impact.

Innovative Organizations

We offer forward-thinking organizations training solutions that enhance management skills, cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset, and drive innovation through diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Corporate Event and Conference Organizers

We collaborate with corporations, teams, and conference organizers to deliver business-themed musical performances and keynotes that elevate the experience of their attendees.

Forward-thinking organizations that have trusted us to deliver innovation learning experiences include:

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"Jason’s (SoundStrategies founder) seminar on “Personal Branding: You Have a Story to Tell” at the Verizon Small Business Digital Ready Workshop was not only engaging but the content he presented on the 12 branding archetypes was very informative."

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Steven Shaw

Community Engagement Director, Verizon

Dry and Wet Paint

What We Do

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