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Redefining the Rhythm of the Workplace 

At SoundStrategies, we use music based strategies to help organizations increase employee engagement, enhance training, and enable strategic alignment. 


Who We Are 

We are a diverse team comprising organizational psychologists, trainers, musicians, visual, and recording artists. Our unique blend of music and experiential training methodologies is crafted to elevate learning and development, enhance internal communications, and boost employee engagement in businesses.

Business Meeting
Who We Work With

Who We Work With 

We are not for "guys in suits and ties".  We collaborate with innovative, values-driven companies, powered by teams of forward thinking millennials and young professionals. Our clientele primarily spans startups, creative services, media, and social impact sectors.

Check out our music video "Suits and Ties" which symbolizes the transformation our clients experience working with us.   

Dry and Wet Paint

What We Do 

Our approach merges our expertise in business strategy and organizational development with interactive activities like songs, live performances, freestyle rapping, music videos, and songwriting, Our approach engages your team in unique learning and team-building experiences designed to make organizational knowledge and messaging stick. Here are some ways you can leverage our unique capabilities.

Strategy & Change

Articulate your bold vision for the future to your team and key stakeholders through a outcome driven communication strategy that includes  energizing songs, music videos, and experiential learning activities.


Provide your team and key stakeholders with music infused workshops that make key business concepts and organizational knowledge memorable and actionable. 


Deepen your team's alignment with core values through a captivating song or music video. Complement this approach with immersive learning experiences to ensure your values are not just heard, but remembered.

Keynote Concerts

Ignite the energy of your team meetings or corporate events with live musical performances that educate, inspire, motivate, and reinforce your company's values and strategic goals in a way that resonates long after the last note is played.

Training Mixtapes

Increase engagement and knowledge retention with your training content through an album of catchy  songs that summarize key points. 


Create a safe space for employees to share their lived experiences through empathy building songwriting workshops that reinforce the goals of your DEIB programming.  

Employee Engagement

Create a measurable multi-quarter employee engagement strategy that combines songs, hands-on  workshops, and  interactive team building events.

Custom Solutions

Create a custom strategy, workshop, or program that combines several of our capabilities to meet your organization's 


Case Study Highlight

Explore how we helped a creatively-driven firm overcome strategic communication hurdles, enhancing employee understanding and engagement through a tailored engagement strategy.



"SoundStrategies sessions are unlike any other business workshop I've been to. The experience was engaging, real, and allowed me to flip my thinking about a concept I've long contemplated. They add in a surprise element that will keep you on the edge of your seat!"

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Gabby Lubin

CEO & Founder, Spark This Day

Download Our Free Leadership Guide
(Spoiler alert, its a song)  

To make leadership development truly resonate, we've crafted the song 'LEADER.' This isn't just a catchy tune—it's a musical micro-lesson grounded in evidence-based Transformational Leadership principles. Download it today to discover best practices that can elevate your leadership game!

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