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Turn Up the Volume on Your Business Strategy

At Sound Strategies, we're using music to make business concepts and organizational knowledge more accessible. Through hip-hop-inspired experiential training and communication solutions, we help innovative firms harness creativity, embrace change, and transform insights into impactful actions.

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Sound Business Solutions

Find Your Rhythm: A Dynamic Suite of Solutions Tuned to Your Innovative Needs


Experiential Learning for Business Leaders

#SoundLeadership: Experiential Learning transforms traditional training, using the power of hip-hop music and experiential exercises to teach key business principles to innovation and creative sector firms. By weaving together musical performances, freestyle rapping, and hands-on activities, participants immerse themselves in engaging learning experiences that inspire creativity, enhance retention, and empower them to turn ideas into actions.

Music Equipment

Strategic Song Writing 

Our #SoundVision Strategic Songwriting Service is a game-changing approach to articulating organizational core values, strategies, and change initiatives, by crafting tailored songs that resonate with employees and stakeholders. Transcending ordinary communication methods, this novel approach creates unforgettable experiences that align with your mission, captivate audiences, and turn complex concepts into accessible, memorable, and inspiring messages.

About Sound Strategies 

Sound Strategies is revolutionizing organizational development and business training by intertwining the transformative energy of hip-hop with essential business and innovation principles. We provide a unique suite of experiential training workshops and strategic songwriting services tailored for creative and innovation-driven firms. Our approach leverages elements like freestyle rapping, performance, and engaging storytelling to inspire participants to think differently, embrace new approaches, and transform ideas into actionable solutions.


Our commitment to customized, evidence-based solutions ensures alignment with your organization's specific needs and goals. Whether fostering collaboration, diversity, or adapting to a rapidly changing business environment, Sound Strategies sets the stage for your team's future success. Join us and experience a new era of learning that resonates, engages, and empowers. Let's make your learning journey a symphony of success.

Check out our intro song that describes what we do and the type of organizations we work with. 

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Founder & Chief Sound Strategist

Jason William Johnson is transforming the professional development landscape by infusing traditional business education with the energy and rhythm of hip-hop. As a sought-after speaker, rapper, and award-winning Business Ecosystem Leader, he caters to the creative and innovation sectors, crafting immersive experiences that resonate with forward-thinking firms. Through SoundStrategies keynote concerts, live training workshops, and strategic rap songwriting, Jason communicates complex strategies and core values in a way that engages, inspires, and sticks. His innovative approach has proven to promote knowledge retention, enhance leadership competencies, and foster entrepreneurial thinking, all while aligning perfectly with the dynamic needs of cutting-edge businesses. With a background that marries organizational development with music production, Jason is redefining professional growth, making him an essential partner for any organization aiming to lead in creativity and innovation.

Places where Jason has been a featured speaker or subject matter expert include: 



"Jason's sessions are unlike any other business workshop I've been to. He is engaging, real, and allowed me to flip my thinking about a concept I've long contemplated. He adds in a surprise element that will keep you on the edge of your seat!"

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Gabby Lubin

CEO & Founder, Spark This Day

Mixtape Vol. 1

As part of our mission to make business concepts more accessible through music, we present to you Sound Strategies Mixtape Vol. 1.  Volume 1 covers concepts such as product-market fit, branding, and business modeling, while also providing motivation and inspiration for builders and innovators.

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